I get encouraging comments all the time from all of my clients but some are more special than others and some of the successes are worth sharing so here are some of my customers comments and feedback:


One to One Appointments

"I was very pleased with my dog after Sarah's visit. She taught me some really helpful things to help me train my dog and all without making me feel like the worst dog owner in the world. Some things were so simple I just didn't understand why I hadn't thought of it (which made it easy to remember when training) and others I would never have thought of trying but have worked a treat. She offers insight not only as to why your dog is behaving in such a manner to enable you to train your dog out of it but also examples of triggers that can cause similar behaviour. My dog has come on in leaps and bounds since we first met and should we have any further issues I wouldn't hesitate to contact Sarah again .Thanks a million" Lisa (& Wilson)

"We just wanted to write to say a big thank you for all your help last week.  You make everything so easy to understand that we can't believe we were doing so many things that were confusing poor Bobby.  Training is going really well and Bobby is walking lovely on the lead now, his recall has already improved massively although his stays and leave it still need a bit of work especially when other dogs come over to play. The main thing is we can now trust him off lead to come back and he's playing with us and the ball more now. He is Soooo much better than before, we were almost ready to give up.  Thank you Sarah for all you help."
Jan & Bobby

"Flick and I just wanted to say thank you for all the time you gave us last weekend.  It was really fascinating - you should write a book.  I've had dogs for years and thought I knew most things, but I know that now you have explain how and why things go wrong Flick will have the best chance of becoming a wonderful dog.  I just wish I had known about you years ago with my old dog! Thanks again Sarah you have made training Flick a joy to do".
Janet & Flick


Dog Training Classes

We have had a great time and learnt so much.  I didn't expect Molly to learn so quickly.  You explained and demonstrated everything so well even Charlotte (aged 7) has been able to get Molly to calm down and listen and without treats.  I have already recommended you to people I meet on the field.  I think everyone should attend your class".
Gail & Molly

"As you know I have two dogs but live on my own so I've taken Bailey to another dog training club on another night.  However I found your class to be far superior to theirs and I have used your techniques on both dogs although Mac is doing much better and he was the more excitable one, I'm glad I brought him to you.  We've really enjoyed it and I'll eagerly recommend you".
 Nic & Mac

We have thoroughly enjoyed the course and can't wait for the next one.  It couldn't have been any better! You have such a way with the dogs (and the people) you always get them to do anything for you and always in fun and kind ways.  I wish we could adopt you until Jake is fully grown and trained. I hope you put this on your website because we think you are really great at what you do and other people need to know.
Heather, Daniel and Jake

Behaviour Consultations

"I don't know whether you will remember coming out to see my little collie Poppy 6 months ago?  She had attacked a few dogs and had severely injured our next door neighbour's dog.  Well I wanted to give you an update and to say thank you for getting us where we are.  I'm sure you will remember that we were close to getting Poppy put to sleep because of what she had done, we just couldn't control her and she was no fun to be out with at all.  If it wasn't for Mick (Husband) I would have taken her to the vets long ago. 

Looking at her now I can't believe I would have done that as she is such a wonderful dog. It is all down to your advice and the training programme you gave us.  Over the past 6 months we have got Poppy to ignore other dogs using all the methods you taught us and now we have even started letting her off the lead because she will come straight back to us rather than run towards other dogs. When we go out now she walks great on the lead and has started to do an 'auto watch 'like you said she would. We still have the squeaky ball you gave us which is Poppy's best thing in the world and we save this for when dogs come up to us. The other day a little dog licked Poppy's mouth and she just stayed really calm (unlike me) but I asked her to leave and stay and the other dog ran off.  I would never have thought we would have got this far.  Yesterday somebody commented on what a well behaved dog I had and thought of you, hence why I'm writing this email.  Thank you so much for all your help and advice I dread to think where we would be now if it wasn't for you."
Sandra & Poppy

Thanks for all you help and advice over the past few weeks, it is much appreciated. We have been putting into practice some of the things you advised during your session with us and I'm very pleased to say that Jack is getting better on his walks in particular in the presence of other dogs. He still has severe separation anxiety whenever we leave the house so that is something we are still working on but have already seen some small improvements in the last 3 weeks. (no accidents - less barking). Thanks again for your help and we will keep you posted on our progress with Jack.
John & Jack