Dog Training Classes

The next courses with available places starts on : Monday 20thJANUARY 2014 @ 7pm  OR Wednesday 22nd JANUARY @ 7pm  (After that we start again Monday 31st MARCH 2014 @ 7pm & 8pm and Wednesday 2nd APRIL 2014 @ 7pm & 8pm)

All courses are 8 weeks long and cost £55 A £25 (non-refundable) deposit will be required to hold a place.

If you feel you really need to start classes before I can offer them, please choose a class that is run by a qualified instructor - further information here.

Puppy, Bronze, Silver & Gold

Classes are held on Mondays &/or Wednesdays at Brabyn's Park Recreation Centre and start at 7.00pm for puppies and 8.15pm for adult dogs. 

I run things differently to other local training clubs. In fact lots of clubs do all the practical exercises, but leave out all of the theory bits; which as a dog owner are really important to know about and understand.

On all of the training courses I give talks at the end of each class on subjects related to dog ownership.

For example:

  • Basic K9 first aid, grooming & bathing
  • Doggy diets and nutritional requirements,
  • Dog body language and their psychology

Handouts are provided as part of the course fee.  

There are at least two instructors per class and we limit the amount of dogs in one class to eight dogs only. This is to ensure you and your dog have as much one to one attention as possible whilst still socialising your dog in a group format where you can train with some distraction.  

There is a lot to take in on the first week, therefore, I ask that the first session is attended without your dog so we can discuss socialisation, the methods and exercises we will be using, equipment such as appropriate leads, collars, toys and treats etc and answer all of your questions (I know doing the first night without dogs may seem a little unusual but since I started doing it 2 years ago they have been extremely successful and the feedback encourages me to continue.)

Throughout the course(s) you will carry out practical sessions, both individually and in groups across both training rooms.  At the end of the course you will receive a certificate detailing what exercises and achievements you have carried out.    

Enrolment Forms:

Should you wish to book onto the next course please print off an enrolment form click here and return with the deposit which will secure you a place. (PLEASE NOTE until a new Enrolment form is uploaded by the web designer the address you need to return to is 22 Lowerfeld Drive, Offerton, SK2 5JJ and NOT Dunmow Court.

For those wishing to join us on the next SILVER training course please click here.

Choosing another Training Club

If you feel you really need to start classes before I can offer them, please choose a class that is run by a qualified instructor (ask what qualifications they have or courses they have attended and check their certificates)

Classes with more than 9 dogs should be avoided and there should be a ratio of 4 dogs per instructor. 

Too many dogs in a class means you get little one on one tuition, it can be very noisy and is not normally an ideal learning environment for you or the dog. 

The venue should allow there to be at least 1 meter space between dogs when seated and when working. 

Instructors should also discourage dogs 'play fighting'' during class sessions as this can teach the dog to ignore your commands and seek out other dogs for entertainment! Not the good for your relationship or the recall!