Residential Courses

In a home environment (not kennels).  All training and walks included.  A daily diary and photos can be provided on request.

Your dog will be taken into my own home and will not be kept in a kennel environment.  I will try to accommodate your dog's usual routine as much as possible i.e. sleeping areas and meal times etc. 

Your dog will have a personalised training programme agreed by yourself and he/she will have up to three one to one sessions each day.  However, depending on the training required you may find your dog is training continuously throughout the day in between sessions whilst in the house and out on walks.

All daily walks will be a minimum of one hour and will be with my own pack of dogs.  I ensure there is a maximum of four dogs per handler on any one walk. 

To ensure you dog remains healthy I do ask that you provide his/her usual food to avoid any stomach upsets. 

Image: Residential Training  Image: Residential Training

Please note some dogs with certain behaviour problems may not be suitable for residintial training as it may not aid training, i.e. protective over owner etc. To ensure the safety of my dogs and family, it may not always be possible to take in dogs that are dog to dog aggressive or dogs that are afraid or aggressive towards children.  For these dogs I would recommend one-to-one training.

Image: Residential Training