Educational Seminars

A variety of courses are available at a average cost of £200 per day - prices are available on request.


Understanding your Dog

A one day seminar aimed at all levels of pet dog owners and trainers. I will be covering the basics of how the dog's mind works, how to use this knowledge for successful training, how and why it sometimes goes wrong and how to fix training and behaviour problems.

Case studies and Q&A's most welcome.

Understanding Dog to Dog Aggression

A one day seminar on how dog-to-dog aggression forms. An in-depth look on how to interpret it, understand it, how to handle it and to resolve it.  Practical demonstrations of training techniques with reactive dogs can be included upon request.

Dog Training & Behaviour Counselling

This one day seminar is aimed at those wanting to provide a one to one training service and carry out behaviour consultations. 

The day will cover, business, marketing and legal requirements, hints and tips.

How to gain relevant experience and knowledge and be safe around dogs & Clients.

I will discuss and demonstrate practical training methods to use on a variety of training and behaviour issues.

Dangerous Dog Course

This one day seminar is aimed at those who come into contact with dangerous dogs as part of their work.

This course has previously been delivered to dog wardens, postal workers,kennel staff and groomers.

The course consists of recognising and understanding canine body language which is vital when making the decision of how and when to approach.

As part of the practical sessions use of specialist equipment such as quick release graspers, reinforced handling gloves and clothing, throw nets, walk-toward nets, traps, bite sticks and other protective equipment are demonstrated and used.

This course is run in conjunction with the IRTCW

Images: Talking at the International Rescue Training Centre

I can present seminars on how to train and understand dogs. Topics can also be chosen by the organiser. 

These can be theory only or include practical demonstrations/training sessions. Seminars are tailored to the audience's requirements but are usually aimed at dog trainers who are currently teaching or assisting in classes or for anyone working with dogs, i.e. kennel staff, groomers and dog walkers.


I am happy to travel to give seminars all over the UK, however, this may incur additional travel costs. Overseas booking may vary - please contact me for details.

Bookings need to be made at least 6 weeks in advance.

Please feel free to contact me about 2013 dates