Behaviour Consultations

£150 (or *£100)

These are for people who are experiencing behavioural problems with their dog(s), such as aggression to other dogs or people, separation anxiety, phobias, excessive barking, chasing or other compulsive behaviours etc.

Price includes initial 3hr appointment, a follow up, a personalised training and behaviour modification programme and attendance at agression clinics. (*This service is discounted if a written referral is received via your veterinary practice, your Dog Warden or local RSPCA inspector - referrals must be received before or on the day of your appointment.)

What to expect:

You will be required to return a completed questionnaire along with a 50% deposit prior to your appointment. Appointments are held at your own home where we will go through the questionnaire and discuss the reasons behind the behaviour, explaining signals and body language to look out for for future management. 

This allows us both to develop a modification programme that you are happy with, which will prevent your dog carrying out it's learnt behaviour and replace it with a more desirable and achievable one.  All exercises are demonstrated to ensure your dog can carry out the programme before I leave..

Sessions usually take a while so please be prepared to set aside a minimum of 3-4 hours.     

Aggression Clinics : For dog to dog aggression (& some dog to people aggression cases) you may attend an aggression clinic a few months after our appointment.  These are held at Brabyn's park and aim to put into practice what you have learnt.  There are 4 dogs in a class and the aim is to keep all dogs calm and carry out controlled walk bys, close contact and friendly butt sniffs.

If you have an appointment booked with me you can print out a Behaviour Questionnaire by clicking on the relevant link below. Please note the copyright for these questionnaires are owned by Sarah HB Canine Solutions Ltd.  Should other professionals wish to use them please contact me for authorisation.

  Image: Aggressive Dogs

I carry out consults for many Stockport Veterinary Practices and the RSPCA as well as private clients, therefore, waiting lists apply. On average there is a 2 to 3 week waiting time. However, please let me know if the matter is urgent (for example if your dog has started to bite or show aggression towards family members) as I have emergency weekend appointment slots that may be available.