Qualifications (see Certificates below)

When choosing a trainer or behaviourist it is advisable to ask to see their qualifications and course certificates as well as seeing them in action before your appoint them.

This should give you an indication as to whether their skills are accredited or at least up to date. 

Unfortunately you do not need any prior training, knowledge or qualifications to be a dog trainer or behaviourist and in some cases people & clubs will charge you a considerable amount of money for their services and they may never have attended a single training course. 

Or perhaps they have bought a franchise and been on a week's training course where they have learnt only one person's methods and been sent away with a 'manual'!

That's not to say all qualified trainers are better though, as I know some really good 'natural' dog trainers who have only ever read a few books but have kind and successful ways of working.

Be careful when choosing your trainer just like you would be when choosing a builder or driving instructor! 

Here are just some of my certificates in year order. Please note some courses do not give certificates therefore this is not an indication of all courses attended and/or qualifications held.

To keep page load time to a minimum, only a selection are shown - originals and further accreditations can be seen on request.